Even though Jorden continues to have stomach pains, he managed to find the will and energy to play in his travel team baseball tournament this weekend. The DP Predators played well and Jorden was excited to spend his birthday with his friends and teammates playing the game he loves.  Jorden also had one of his best tournaments; he went 4 for 6, with 3 walks, 4 hits, 4 runs and 2 RBI’s. God is Good.

We also had a chance to meet and thank Freddy Flynn, who raised money last year for Jorden, and who is hosting another baseball tournament this upcoming weekend to raise money for Jorden’s medical care. It was nice to finally thank you in person.

We would like to thank the Lares family.  As we were driving through Cypress Landing on Saturday, we saw kids with posters and balloons raising money for Jorden for his birthday with a lemonade stand, it was such a nice surprise. Thank you to everyone that stopped and donated to the cause, Jorden was very appreciative and surprised.

We also would like to thank everyone who sent Jorden birthday cards, texts, wishes, and gifts. You truly made his birthday more special!

On the night before his birthday he was up throughout the night because of his stomach. He truly did not feel well. After a long sleepless night at 7am he heard a text come through on the phone. He asked who it was and I told him it was a friend texting happy birthday. It was a sad moment – Jorden said, “Oh yeah it is my birthday” and then he cried for a minute or two. He was sad because his didn’t feel well, and he was sad about having to leave to Houston.

We finished packing and getting ready and left the house for Jorden’s  game.  We knew that if his team won, we would not be able to stay for the following games, we had to make our flight.  As it became obvious that they were going to win the first game, it felt bittersweet, happy that they were winning, sad that we would need to leave.  Diane suggested calling the airline and leaving in the morning.  Because we completed all scans in Orlando, we actually could.  Southwest Airlines was very gracious and made the change seamlessly, allowing us to stay and play.

On Monday we had an early flight, made it to the hospital in Houston by noon, and met with the doctors.  They continue to be happy with Jorden’s progress, and reviewed the plan for surgery.  We anxiously await tomorrow, his surgery date, and are hopeful for a quick and unremarkable event.  They will call us tonight with the exact time, and the surgery should take about two hours. Once we have an exact time we will send out another post.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Posted by: Joanne

Day by day and with each passing moment – Strength I find to meet my trials here – Trusting in my Father’s wise bestowment – I’ve no cause for worry or for fear – Amen

Prayer by: Nelson