Unfortunately, Jorden continues to have stomach cramping and pain. He describes it as being punched in the stomach over and over. After being in a lot of pain and up all night Sunday, we went back to the hospital Monday morning.

They repeated the X-ray and compared scans. They also did another ultra sound. Dr Sutphin reviewed the scans with the top radiologist and also consulted the team in Houston. After all that, they have decided to do a PET scan tomorrow. The PET is a test to detect cancer. They have ruled out everything else, they want to rule out “new” cancer too.

Jorden had a PET last month as part of his six month follow up, and it was fine.

We are very confident that this scan will be fine too, just in case, we are asking for prayers once more.  The PET is scheduled for 230 tomorrow.  We should get results early Friday.

posted by Joanne and Nelson