On Wednesday Jorden had his liver ultra sound.  Anxiously, we had our cell phones in our hands for two days waiting for the doctor’s call. Even though we called and spoke briefly to the nurse, we did not hear back from the doctor until Friday, The wait was worth it   We received very good news. His liver is fine, and we thank you for all of your prayers.  Jorden does not have any mass, damage or duct issue.

Even though his enzyme counts remain high, the liver itself is not damaged.  The doctor attributes the high counts to all of the chemo and medicine.

On Friday as we were preparing a post to share the good news, we unexpectedly needed to make a trip to the Emergency Room.

On 3 occasions this week Jorden had extreme back and stomach pain after going to the bathroom. He also woke up from his sleep with those same pains Thursday night.

On the previous incidents, the pain would diminish after an hour or so, so I chalked it up to gas, and was not overly concerned. However at 5:30 pm on Friday the pain was intolerable and after speaking with the doctor over the phone. we headed to the ER.

They first took an X-ray and after that came back negative they prepped Jorden for a CT with contrast.  Jorden was crying and in a lot of pain. With morphine, we finally got his pain somewhat under control.

But when Jorden drank the Gatorade/contrast cocktail, the pain returned just as severe it was before the morphine.  It was obvious that we were dealing with a GI issue, but what??

The CT came back clear as well; that was great news. We were still not sure what was causing this extreme pain.

We later met with the doctors. They felt that after a surgery like Jorden adhesions of the intestine are very possible, as well as having pain from his intestines constricting and contracting (a normal intestinal process), or even the new medicine that he takes can cause severe stomach cramping .  The doctor asked if his diet changed in any way.  I explained that I was giving him a lot of protein to gain weight and be strong for surgery.  He said all of the protein could have caused extra cramping if you don’t have an equal amount of fiber to go along.  Jorden looked at me, and said – ‘well that backfired”

They admitted Jorden, and kept an eye on him until the next day when he was able to poop and eat pain-free.  We came home yesterday;  and he enjoyed a quiet evening at home.   Jorden slept in today and is now playing football and long boarding with friends.

The power of prayer is amazing.  We are excited that as we prepare for our Houston trip Jorden’s  scans look clear and he overall is feeling strong and healthy.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson