Lord you know my fears and apprehensions. I place our future in Your hands. I trust where You are taking us. Grow our faith each step of the way. Let Your grace flow freely through me so that Your power can be made perfect in my weakness. Guide me not by sight but by faith. You are the God who performs miracles among your people. You are majestic in holiness, awesome in glory. Open my eyes to clearly see Your miraculous works. I ask for a miracle that will glorify You, fulfills Your will, and points other to You. Amen

After 12 months on this Journey, we have been blessed by the overwhelming support, thoughts and prayers, from family, friends, our community and the loving support and prayers throughout the U.S. and abroad. I can truly say that if it weren’t for all of your thoughts and prayers we would not be where we are today. God heard your earnest prayers from the heart and God has truly answered them and continues to answer all of our prayers.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t stop and give thanks and praise to our Lord for all that he has done, continues to do and for what he has planned for Jorden.

So with year 1; chapter 1 complete, we start the New Year knowing this,

  • The family will fly out to Houston on Jan 27th
  • Jan 28th & 29th will consists of tests and scans,
  • And surgery scheduled on the 30th to remove “the thing” that’s behind the colon, which the doctors are saying will keep us in Houston the entire month of February as Jorden recovers from the surgery.

Jorden, understands how blessed he is and has embraced every blessing and opportunity. You may be asking yourself so what does Jorden think about these next steps. Well, when on the plane returning home from our last visit from Houston Joanne and I asked Jorden “So you are good with the plan? Go home, stop chemo, and enjoy Christmas, New Years and Birthday then return to Houston for surgery. Jorden’s response was “I’m fine with everything; I just want to be ready for the Spring Little League season”.

When this all started I came up with an analogy; that this journey is like a three-tier wedding cake,  the bottom layer are all the doctors, nurses and medicines, the second layer is our family, friends, friends of friends and the community and the third is our faith. When all three things come together it’s a beautiful thing.

With that being said; I respect and have trust in the doctors and in the plan that we have in place however like my mother and a very dear friend of mine reminded me “God is in the Miracle business”.

I pray for Jorden to be completely healed and for God to continue to show mercy on Jorden and spare him from surgery. So when the doctors see the scans the “thing” is no longer there, which will leave the doctors speechless and without any answers to what has happened. I will then respond to them with “God is in the Miracle business”, “Now, let’s go home”.

I know I am not in control of  what’s going to happen in Houston however I will continue to say this prayer that I have been saying since Dec 2011

Lord, teach me to view this trial from your perspective. I know You have a plan and Your Timing is always perfect. So Lord, I wait.

I wait in faith…acknowledging You are in control

I wait in confidence…knowing You are almighty.

I wait with expectancy… knowing Your plan is perfect.

I wait in thankfulness…knowing what You are going to do.

I wait in dependence…knowing You are all I need.

And I wait in stillness…knowing You are my God.


These past 12 months have been a true testament to the power of prayer, faith, perseverance and what can happen when a community comes together. The power of prayer is truly amazing God has shown nothing but mercy, love and healing over Jorden.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

May 2013 bring you all a year full of health, love and laughter.

Posted by: Nelson