This holiday season was filled with many blessings. The biggest blessing was that Jorden was feeling well and that our family was home for the holidays.

Over the holidays, Derrick moved back home, he and Alondra are now living with us.  Also, Cousins David, Inga, Jennifer and Lauren came to visit with their children Corinna, Elle, Luca, and Rosa.  Jorden really enjoyed spending time with them. It was great being all together.

Grandma Belen and Grandpa Nelson came over on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day  both days were relaxing and quiet.  We enjoyed being home and reflected on how blessed we have been and how far we have come compared to last year. Jorden also enjoyed going to the Orlando Magic game on New Year’s Eve and the Capital One Bowl on New Year’s Day. The games were great: however it was the friends and  family that made the time even more special.

This week, Jorden has had fun playing basketball in the back yard at the Mills’ house, playing manhunt and doing fireworks at the Pettit’s, playing football at the Barrett’s, and a day of go karting at Fun Spot.

Jorden is always full of energy; however he continues to lose weight.  He was 104 pounds in August when we returned from Houston, 89 pounds when we went to Houston for his checkup December 4th, and now he is 80 pounds.

On January 30th Jorden will have his second surgery.  He is drinking protein drinks and focused on gaining some weight.  He knows he needs to be as strong and healthy as possible.  As we were driving yesterday he cried for a minute thinking about it.  I asked if he was sad or scared, he said he was sad that he has to have another one.

Thank you to all who continue to pray for us, and for those who sent Jorden holiday cards and gifts.  We are thankful as always for your friendship and love.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson