On Tuesday Dec 18th Jorden woke up at noon and fell back asleep at 3pm. He didn’t feel well, and had a fever. When the fever reached 102 we went to the emergency room, which is the protocol for a cancer patient with a port and no spleen.

Jorden received IV antibiotics and by 2am, we returned home.

What was surreal about being in the emergency room that night was, we were in Room 19 – the room across from the ER room (room 20) that Jorden was in last Dec 21st when he was 1st diagnosed. To see the room and the small office where they called me into to show me Jorden’s 1st scans – was difficult.

The next day Jorden was ok, but his fever returned (101) on Thursday, he had a slight fever again had a swollen lymph gland, and started with a cough.

So at 8am Friday morning we went to the clinic at Arnold Palmer to check him out. The good thing, is that Jorden just has a virus that is running its course, the bad part of the day was that they could not get his port to work – they could not draw any blood, not even a drop.

After 2 treatments to clear his line, a chest x-ray to see if the port is still in position and the approval for a 2nd chest x-ray with contrast, his port (7 hours later) finally worked. What we learned is that Jorden’s port has moved 1 inch from the original placement by his heart – but for now, it is clear and ok.

Friday was a difficult day too. Not knowing what was wrong with his port, would he need surgery to fix it? Was he and the ok? But after 7 hours, we agreed that spending the day in the hospital for this, compared to last year – was really not a bad day.

We spoke about this day being Jorden’s anniversary date, and how good things were today.  I thanked Dr. Sutphin for saving my son, and he of course gave all the credit to God.

As I think back to last year  so many memories come to mind.  That swollen lymph node before Thanksgiving – our 1st warning sign, Dec 21st when he was diagnosed, our efforts to get Jorden home last Christmas, the haunting vision of that hospital bed in Jorden’s room at home, him starting chemo, his friends all piling in his  hospital room, his birthday in the hosptital, the morning we shaved his head, 10 rounds of chemo party with friends, his surgery in Houston, going through radiation, the week of that crazy fever, seeing Jorden stand up for the 1st time after surgery, hearing Jorden say ‘Derrick” when his brother surprised him with a visit, coming home, watching Jorden step onto the baseball fields for the 1st time in August after 8 months of treatment, so much has happened.

We want to thank all of you, our family and friends who have been there on this rollercoaster ride with us.  You have inspired us, stayed strong for us, prayed for us, and helped us.

When Jorden first got sick Heather Mills made a poster.  Nelson taped that small poster over the bed Joanne and Jorden slept on.  We all saw it each day.  That poster was laminated and traveled to Houston too.  We saw this poster every morning, day and night.

The poster read “2012”, the year the Aponte’s Kicked Ass”.

Well, I guess we did!

We are not sure what the future holds, regardless, we are blessed and thankful.

Happy Holidays from Jorden and our family!

Posted by Joanne