Since our last update Jorden has been busy and enjoying each day.

On Wednesday night Jorden and his little league team, the Dr. Phillips Rays, became The Major Division Champions.

Jorden has been in Little League for 3 years and this was the first time his team made it to the championship game. So to be in that championship game, and then to win, was a great moment – especially coming off of such a difficult year.

To think back to August when Jorden wasn’t able to put on baseball pants because his stomach hurt so much to his strength and ability today, we know it has been his hard work and the grace of God; we are so thankful.

During the game, Jorden was asked to pitch and get the final out with the score 4-3.  The Marlins had a runner on 3rd and the winning run at the plate .  The batter was their clean up hitter.  As Jorden was given the ball by his Coach his teammates said no pressure, no pressure.  As they saw who was stepping up to the plate, they said pressure, pressure.

Jorden was able to get this last out with only three pitches, and his team won the game.  We are just so happy for him, and to then talk to the moms and dads on the other team and through out the ball fields, to hear them say how happy they were for Jorden, it was a great moment.

We were of course happy for Coach Chris and the entire team.  Everyone came together and played well.  For us though, it was more personal.  Jorden has worked so hard to be back on the field, to be back on his game, to be a stong competitive player.  He has been driven by his passion to be on the field and a good teammate for his team.  It was truly an amazing moment in time. To know what he has been through, overcome, and accomplished.

On Thursday Jorden joined his fifth grade class on their overnight camping trip. This was the 1st time Jorden has been with his class since December a year ago.

A big thank you to Jorden’s teacher, Mrs. Carvalho, who not only made this happen, but has made it a point to incorporate him in the fifth grade  – even though he is not in school.

It was so great to see Jorden amongst his classmates and friends, it was like he never left. Jorden had fun with his team working on their survival skills, playing GaGa ball and just spending time with his friends and classmates.

On Friday night Jorden attended his Little League team party at Gators where they all received their league trophy and championship plaques.

On Saturday and Sunday Jorden’s travel ball team The Predators played in their 1st tournament. They won both games Saturday placing the team in 2nd place, on Sunday they won the 1st game and lost the 2nd, overall they placed fourth. It was a good weekend of baseball, and was nice that the boys were able to play together before the holiday.

On Monday Jorden had to wake up and crack the books. He worked hard on his Explorer’s Project, as well as his math and science.  Tomorrow he needs to read over 250 pages to get caught up on some missed days of reading.

We have had a great week.  He continues to take his meds each day, help with the holiday preparations. and play catch outside.  He feels well and is looking forward to Christmas home with his family.