We are in Houston for Jorden’s 6 month check up. Today he completed a day of tests and scans.  Unfortunately the “thing” behind the colon is still there.  Even though it remains the same size, it lights up slightly on the PET scan.  What that means it is cancer, they just dont know until surgery if it is a tumor or lymph node.

The plan is for us to come back to Houston in 2 months. We will re-scan, and plan on having surgery.

Jorden is also going to stop his current chemo treatment, and start a different treatment plan  Because there is no more reduction, we will try something new.  Dr. Anderson feels that waiting 2 months for his surgery will accomplish 2 things. First allow his liver to recover, and produce better numbers and secondly – he will see if the cancer responds to his “new” treatment, and if so – it will become his out-patient follow-up treatment post surgery.

Overall – we are very happy. No new areas of cancer, and we have a date and plan to get this last one out. Also, Jorden can enjoy Christmas, New Year’s and his birthday at home, which was not the case last year. God is great, we blindly promised Jorden that he would not be in the hospital for Christmas, and now we can keep that promise.

Dr. Anderson’s final comment to Jorden was that he wished all of his patients were as healthy as him.  and that we made his day….

We are back at the hotel now, and look forward to a relaxing dinner.  Tomorrow  we look forward to sleeping in and later meeting Mrs. Carrabba for dinner;  Wednesday we fly back home.

Thank you all for all your continued support and prayers.   We look forward to coming home.

Posted by: Joanne and Nelson