In January of 2012 when I was first approached by a Make-A-Wish volunteer I wasn’t sure if I wanted to have a wish granted. I was actually scared – to have Make-A-Wish offer a wish to be granted is a truly sobering moment.

I told the woman that I needed to think about it. I think I thought if I didn’t accept, Jorden’s illness somehow would not be real. After speaking to some friends, I approached the offer differently – not as the acceptance of a life threatening illness – but as the opportunity for Jorden to have a wonderful “once in a lifetime” experience.

So in March of 2012 the Wish team came to our house and talked with Jorden – and that is where the planning began. Jorden’s wish was for us to go to Hawaii, and last week we did just that.

We are so thankful to Bart and Margaret and everyone else on the Wish team who made Jorden’s dream come true. We had such a wonderful experience they really do make dreams vacations of a lifetime come true.

Our adventure started at 5am Sunday Nov 4th with a Limo ride to the airport. Jorden was so excited that he wanted to invite some friends to take the ride with him. However we explained that 5AM was a little too early.

We arrived in Hawaii and stayed on the main island of Hawaii or The Big Island. Jorden was greeted with a traditional welcome.

We picked up the rental car, and headed straight to the Hilton Waikoloa Village.The Hilton Waikoloa Village was beautiful; one of the local’s refers to it as “Disney”, with a monorail and shuttle boats to take you to different parts of the resort. We spent the rest of Sunday exploring the resort and were in bed at 8:30 PM.

Monday was a free day, so we woke up bright and early exploring the resort, climbing the lava rocks on the beach, and swimming and snorkeling in the resort lagoon, where Jorden was able to swim with sea turtles, and beautiful island fish Monday evening a good friend of ours Mr. Daniel Kirby had arranged for us to have dinner at Roy’s restaurant.  Jorden was greeted by the General Manager Arnie and our server.  When Jorden opened the menu there was a special greeting with his name.The staff was exceptional and very gracious. The food was excellent and the dessert tray that was made special for Jorden was out of this world.Thank you Mr. Kirby, Arnie, and the entire Roy’s team who made this night so special.On Tuesday we enjoyed a 5 hour snorkel excursion,  The staff was great and lots of Fun, Jorden enjoyed the snorkeling and especially enjoyed jumping off of the boats upper deck platform into the water. Thank you for providing Jorden with such a wonderful experience..On Wednesday we had a once in a lifetime Hawaii Forest & Trail & Kilauea Volcano Adventure which started and 7:30 AM and ended at 6:30 PM. The adventure included a ride up 6000 feet above sea level, a four mile hike on an active volcano with the volcano actually smoking (releasing hot steam), walking through a lava tube, a hike across a volcano crater and then riding along the coast on the way back to the resort. The time there was truly awesome.During the day on Thursday we explored a white sand beach and a macadamia nut factory.We ended the day on Thursday with a Luau. Jorden was recognized at the event and the band sang to him “somewhere over the Rainbow”. It was such a wonderful night.

On Friday we went deep-sea fishing. The deep-sea was a bit much for Jorden’s stomach. We “fed” the fish rather than catching one, and had to end that trip early.

Once on land, Jorden felt well again and wanted shaved ice and ice cream. So we started over with a more slow-paced day at a Black Sand Beach,and revisited the White Sand Beach, which was Jorden’s favorite.

We are thankful to Arnie from Roy’s who arranged a special horseback ride for us on Saturday. The day was gorgeous and the ride was so much fun.

After our ride we kayaked briefly at the resort before showering and packing to make our flight back home. We flew over Saturday night into Sunday and made it safely back home Sunday around 5pm. We were welcomed by Alondra and then the reality of chemo starting the next day.

The good thing is Jorden made counts on Monday and is back in the swing of things, with chemo, school, and his passion of baseball.

Thanks again Make-A-Wish for providing Jorden with such a wonderful experience and all of you for your continued support and prayers.

Thank you God for continuing to bless Jorden, without your love and mercy none of this is possible.

Posted by Joanne & Nelson