Jorden has been anxiously awaiting his Hawaii trip since last Saturday when Make A Wish presented him with the itinerary. We leave Sunday morning at 5am when the limo comes to whisk Jorden off to the airport. Thank you Make A Wish for granting Jorden his wish and thank you Bart for doing such a great job planning Jorden’s dream trip.

Jorden has had a good week. He received a report card full of A’s and great comments, he pitched well and played well on Monday at his little league game, and he had really strong blood counts this Thursday at the hospital. The liver enzyme numbers continue to fluctuate but we are hopeful that the milk thistle will do the trick and bring his numbers down – closer to normal range.

Jorden also had a fun Halloween. We spent the evening with Coach Chris, Heather Cooper and Cassidy. It was fun spending the time together.

Jorden also enjoyed going to the movies with Coach John, Johnny and Mattie on Friday night and was excited for his baseball game tonight. Jorden fielded and pitched well during the Rays second win of the season.

Thank you everyone for the ongoing prayers and support; Jorden feels well, is strong and full of energy.

All praise to God for allowing Jorden is be well enough to truly enjoy this part of his Journey.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson