Jorden started his chemo week on Monday. His counts were strong, and has felt great going through his treatments the past two days.

Jorden has had a very busy and good 2 weeks, He continues to play ball for both Little League and his travel team. He has played well and gotten hits. He looks good and is happy out on the field. He has pitched, caught and played the infield like he has been out there all along. Last night (Tuesday) Jorden had a Little League game, he pitched 5 2/3 innings striking out 5 and giving up only 3 runs through 5 innings, this with 2 day of chemo treatment in him. He is just Amazing.  we are so Blessed!

Jorden’s next game is this Saturday at 4:30 pm at the Dr. Phillips Little League fields behind the Dr. Phillips YMCA.

It is so great to see Jorden just being a kid and doing what he loves, and it is truly a blessing to see him get his strength and speed back more and more each day. God continues to grace us with such wonderful gifts and we are so thankful that he continues to answer all of our/your prayers. God is great!

Jorden continues to focus on school too, and asks his teacher each day where the class is in comparison to where he is in his chapters.

Last week Derrick came for a visit; it is always nice to spend time with Derrick and sad when he leaves. This weekend our family saw our cousins Diane and Dean, who we haven’t seen in over 30 years. Diane has been in constant contact with Joanne since Jorden was diagnosed, it was so great to see here and her husband, Thank you for making to the trip to Orlando.

We are anxiously awaiting  Jorden’s Make a Wish trip to Hawaii. We are not looking forward to the 10 hour flight – but are very excited for the week they have planned for him. We are also excited to be able to get away somewhere other than our what seems to be our regular trips to Houston. We can finally enjoy a week without doctor visits and enjoy the time together as a family.

Sunday Nelson took Jorden and his friend Johnny to the Magic pre-season basketball game. This was the first time that Jorden was back at the Amway Center cheering on the Magic since being diagnosed last December. Nelson and Jorden have always enjoyed going to Magic games together. It was wonderful watching Jorden so happy with Johnny and enjoying the Magic win.

Jorden continues to amaze us and the doctors with his strength and overall health. We are so overwhelmed with joy and know that we are in such a great place.

Thank you all as always for the ongoing well wishes, thoughts and prayers. God is listening and continues to work wonders in Jorden’s and our life. It is truly a miracle and a blessing that Jorden is back to being Jorden again, we always believed that he would but never thought it would be so soon.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson