Our trip this week to Houston can be described as busy, stressful, positive, emotional, and productive.

The highlights are that Jorden’s “left behind item” is still there. But it has responded to the various treatments. It is smaller – not significantly smaller in size – But significantly smaller based on volume.

So what that means is this. because the volume of the mass is now 1/4 of the size. One can only assume that it is responding well to chemo and radiation. It is not harmful while he is on chemo, and it can be more harmful to undergo surgery while in treatment.  So it will be evaluated once again at the 6th month mark, Dec 3rd. If it is there in any size or capacity they will remove it surgically on Dec 5th.

Next, Jorden’s liver.  Jordens liver enzymes continue to show high and once again increased in numbers, he was holding stable there for a week or so, but had a big jump today.

The first step to address these increases is to take Jorden off the antibiotic to prevent pheumonia. This antibiotic is a sulfur drug, and could possibly be the culprit of these rising numbers.  We are not yet sure of what plan B will be, we are hoping for this to solve the issue  The liver scans showed no cancer in the liver, so that is great, but we still need to find the cause.

We are thankful that the scans showed no areas of new cancer; And we are excited that the doctors are impressed with Jorden and his overall health and progress.

Our other highlights were dinner today at Mia’s, a Carrabba family restaurant with amazing food and service (thank you Mrs. Carrabba), and our time tonight visiting with Cole and his mom Laura who were here for scans this week as well.  Cole continues to do well too.  And for Joanne to have time to talk and share with Laura is always nice.

We fly home early tomorrow (Thursday), Jorden is excited about being able to make baseball practice tomorrow night.

Jorden was diagnosed with cancer 9 months ago. It takes 9 months to create a child. We feel very blessed that through prayer and the grace of God in these nine months our son has been reborn and restored to the healthy active child he is meant to be.

Thank you all for your love and prayers, we are grateful and humbled by the power of your friendship, faith and support.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson