On our last update, we mentioned that Jorden would have chemo from 9/4 – 9/8. Unfortunately, Jorden’s blood counts weren’t high enough for him to start. This was the first time in all of his treatment that he has not been able to make a treatment date.

We were very relieved yesterday when they told us that he “made counts” to start. We were relieved because if he did not make count again chemo would be delayed even more because of our 9/17 Houston trip. So that was a relief. He needs to stay on his treatment plan.  Jorden has now finished two of the five treatments for this week.

Unfortunately Jorden’s liver enzyme counts are not where they need to be. They were high last week, and they were higher yesterday. The doctors actually debated whether to start chemo or not, and finally at 4pm yesterday, they decided to go ahead.

Tomorrow, Wednesday they will repeat tests and do some others in addition to try to see what’s what. It is possible he had some liver damage from the radiation – it could be anything.  The doctors are hopeful that it could be from the antiviral he was taking due to his shingles/chicken pox. (Jorden had a very mild case recently, and just finished the 10 treatment on Thursday 9/6)  If so, it would be a passing concern, rather than something more serious.

So we are praying for good test results tomorrow; Jorden doesn’t need anything else to add to his plate.

Through this all Jorden feels well, is in good spirits and enjoys each day. He went to baseball practice Saturday and Sunday and continues with home school, cooking dinners, and is enjoying his visit with grandma Josephine who came in Sunday.  He was also thrilled by a visit from his brother Derrick.

We will have another post as soon as we know more.

Thank you for the love, prayers and kindness.  We thank you all for all that you do to support Jorden and our family during this crazy time in our lives.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson