It has been two weeks since we arrived back home, it has been wonderful to be home and see our family and friends.

Since our last update, Jorden’s first week was spent with his brother, Alondra, and family friend Traci. Some of his highlights were visits to Dave & Busters, HardKnocks (military style laser tag) and the Cheesecake Factory. They also enjoyed a lot of time just relaxing at the house, watching movies, playing with Derrick’s dogs and enjoying each others company. Jorden also enjoyed spending time with Uncle Jason who came for a visit from New York. Jason celebrated his birthday here, and Alondra and Jorden had fun baking him a cake.

Jorden’s weekend (last weekend) was filled with a lot of firsts. He attended a birthday party at AirHead’s an indoor trampoline arena.  He did very well and had lots of fun, jumping, falling, and playing dodge ball and tag. Jorden also went to his friend Johnny’s house for the first time since December. It was great to hangout, fish, and play manhunt. That same day in the evening Jorden went with Johnny to their travel ball team’s practice. This was the first time Jorden was on the field since being diagnosed. It was great seeing him in the dugout with his teammates, seeing him, run, catch and hit. Thank you Coach Al and Coach Bambei for your warm welcome and support.

This week Jorden started chemo again. (round 1 of 8 chemo weeks)  Monday, turned out to be a very long day – his port was not providing any blood return and it took quite a while to get things moving along. After 5 or 6 hours, they finally started his chemo and everything went smoothly. So much so that Jorden asks the nurse if he could eat while he was receiving the chemo drip and the nurse said yes. So I was off to McDonald’s for a quarter pounder and fries for him.  Tuesday went smoother, it was a longer day too because they had to address his port issues. His line was cleaned and the rest of the week has been great. Jorden’s body has responded very well to the chemo so far, he has not had any major issues or side effects and continues to be full of energy and eating well. He has also enjoyed swimming each day this week. Jorden will have clinic visits over the next two weeks to check his blood counts; his next chemo week starts Tuesday Sept 4th.

Jorden’s typical day is an antibiotic which he only takes during chemo weeks, plus the 2 days before and the 2 days after. He also takes a puke med, he then takes a chemo pill, and then he has the chemo IV infusion.

Later in the day he takes another antibiotic (for not having his spleen) and on the weekends takes a 3rd antibiotic to prevent pneumonia.

When he is on his “off weeks” he still needs to have clinic visits to check his blood counts and when his counts drop – will take daily shots to build his counts back up.

On Wednesday Jorden’s grandma returned home from a visit to New York and arrived with Cousin Tara. Jorden was so excited to have them both home, he went to the airport at 11pm to pick them up. He is very happy that Tara is here.

This past week has given us a glimpse of what our “New Normal” will look like and consist of during this leg of Jorden’s journey.