On Thursday August 2nd, we finally returned home to Orlando. We were greeted at the airport by Jorden’s grandma Belen, grandpa Nelson, aunt Shirley and Shirley’s dad, Artie. They had a banner saying welcome home!  When Shirley jumped out from behind a sign Jorden ran to give her a huge hug, it was such a great feeling seeing them all there.

Once we picked up our luggage and arrived to the house, we were welcomed by friends, Amy, Zach, Heather, Coach Chris, Cooper and Cassidy. As soon as the kids saw each other there were some hugs and then they were off running and playing throughout the house. It was so great to hear kids laughing and playing again. They also sat and ate pizza from Jorden’s favorite pizza spot Papa D’s and fried chicken from Publix.

On Friday Jorden spent time with a few friends and had a chance to ride his bike for the first time since being diagnosed. He also played tag, manhunt and dodgeball without worry or restrictions.

On Saturday, Jorden picked up new baseball cleats and then enjoyed a nice lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Jorden actually missed Sweet Tomatoes while in Houston, and truly enjoyed his meal.

Once we returned home, a few more friends came to visit, and Cooper and Cassidy slept over. At 1am Jorden’s brother Derrick and Alondra arrived for a five-day visit. Jorden is so happy that they are here.

On Sunday, Jorden and the kids played for while until they were picked up and then he relaxed for most of the afternoon with Derrick and Alondra. Jorden also had chinese food from his favorite place China Garden.  Jorden also was surprised by family friend Traci, who flew in from California for the week.

Jorden was planning on attending and participating in his travel ball team’s practice later in the evening, however when he was snapping up his baseball pants it hurt his stomach and incision too much. This area of his abdomen is very tender too from the radiation.  So he didn’t feel well enough to go out and practice.

Unfortunately later on in the night, Jorden was riding his bike in front of the house, the wheel slipped, and he fell in the street. He has scratches from head to toe, but thankfully he did not hit his stomach.  He was shaken up and disappointed but is doing well now.

Thank you to our two neighbors who ran over to help. Even though it was a stressful moment – falling off a bike is what kids do all the time and Jorden was finally able to be a kid again. Thank you Heather and Cassidy for bringing over Froyo’s another one of Jorden’s favorites, to cheer him up.

Overall Jorden has had a great time being home and being a kid again.

Today we met with his doctor here in Orlando.  He was happy to see Jorden, and we were happy to see him.  We set up his next treatment plan which starts next Monday the 13th.

Thank you everyone for your ongoing thoughts and prayers.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson