Today they removed Jorden’s feeding tube. It was actually 2 ft long, and felt like a worm being pulled from his body. The hole is covered, and will take a week to close/heal completely. Jorden was in a little pain but was thrilled to have it removed and able to go home with no restrictions. We met with Dr. Anderson who reviewed with us Jorden’s next steps and shared with Jorden how proud he was of him, he has also requested that we send him “action photos”.

The next phase of Jorden’s journey will consist of 8 rounds of outpatient chemo at Arnold Palmer, which will start Monday Aug 13th, the schedule will be 1 week on and two weeks off. Then a return trip to Houston for follow-up exams, in Sept and Nov.

We are so excited to return back home tomorrow and are thankful that things went well here. We of course would be thrilled if all tumors were out, but are hopeful that all will be okay as we continue to move forward on this journey.

We want to thank all of you who were here in spirit to help make our stay in Houston”better”. Thank you for all the gifts, cards and care packages. Thank you to the Heistands for caring for Jorden’s guinea pigs, and Michele for taking care of our house. Thank you Pirana Joe for your kindness and care packages too. And a special thank you to Mrs. Suriano who orchestrated mail and cards to Jorden throughout our stay. Thank you to all of the students and staff at Windy Ridge as well.

We love you all, see you soon!

Fall Ball Here HE Comes!

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson