Jorden has now gone 24 hours fever free.

He was not able to tolerate the feeding tube last night (it hurt his stomach) but did for 2 hours this morning. The feeding tube is how Jorden receives his protein & nutrition, it was designed as a supplement while on radiation – but has been his only source of “food” this past week.

Jorden did not eat or drink yesterday, and has only had 2 oz of Gatorade today.

Jorden has a 2 prong feeding tube, one goes into his stomach, the other his intestines. During the week a scan and x-ray was done on Jorden’s stomach, to try to determine the cause of both the fever and pain. They discovered that the feeding tube is no longer going into his intestine, it has some how dislodged by the intensity of his vomiting and is going solely into his stomach. This explains his stomach pain, and why he has no appetite.

Today they have stopped the daytime feeding so he feels less full and hopefully regains his appetite, and we will continue with the night feeds to ensure sufficient nutrition. Jorden lost 6 pounds, but looks great and is happy.

They were not able to determine the exact virus – regardless it has passed. (in more way than one!) The doctors have also decided to add minutes on his radiation treatment instead of extra days at the end, if he tolerates this extra time we can return to Orlando as scheduled, August 2nd.

We hope to leave the hospital tomorrow.

Thank you for all your prayers, love and support. We are so thankful for your care and friendships.

Jorden also wants to thank everyone for the cards, and packages. He was like a kid on Christmas.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson