I just talked with Joanne, and she began the call by saying “Today is a Better Day!”  Although Jorden still had a rough night with fever – and woke up with a high fever (over 103), he’s in a better place today.  He has received 150 calories via his feeding tube and he sipped several spoonfuls of broth.  He finally has an appetite and asked Joanne to order some pasta for him.  Even if he only eats one or two noodles, they’re excited to see that his appetite has returned.  This is the first he’s eaten since Tuesday!

Tests are indicating Jorden has a virus that must run its course.  Joanne said they’re not out of the woods yet, but they are hopefully “peeking through.”  She said he has his personality back today, and while on the phone he told me “I’m bored!”

Jorden’s medical team is trying to limit the Tylenol they give him now, as they have to watch its effect on his liver.  So please pray that this virus is on its way out.  Based on today’s progress, they’re planning on resuming chemo and radiation tomorrow.  Joanne and Nelson want to thank everyone for their prayers.  Keep ’em coming!

Please note: the zip code to Ronald McDonald House is 77030

Posted by Heather