Last Monday, July 2nd, Jorden had his 30 day follow-up. One of the scans showed something, but with Dr. Hayes-Jordan on vacation, no one was really able to provide a specific explanation.

For the past week we believed that the spot by his colon was either a left behind tumor, scar tissue or maybe even poop. Today we met with Dr. Hayes-Jordan and learned that it is either a left behind tumor or an effected lymph node. This is obviously disappointing and was very difficult to hear. But we know all things happen for a reason and God is the only one who knows why.

Because Jorden is currently in mid-radiation, it would not be safe or appropriate to do surgery right now. They will continue his chemo/radiation plan as scheduled, and actually add more intensity to that area and add time to his treatment schedule. We will stay in Houston a bit longer to make sure all is done to ensure that this area of concern “goes away.”

Six weeks after radiation has been completed, we will return to Houston for scans and follow-up with the doctors here. At that time if this area is resolved we will be all set; if it is not, we will then look at our options, with surgery being one of them.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson