Tuesday Jorden completed his mapping for radiation. It was also Shirley and Hassan’s last day with us in Houston, so we spent the rest of the day at the movies and dinner. Thank you Shirley and Hassan for spending a few days with Jorden. He really enjoyed the time with the both of you and  he loves you both so very much.

Wednesday Jorden had his staples removed. With that being said, the surgery and recovery phase of this journey is officially complete. With everything in order for his chemo and radiation treatment, we will plan on enjoying a week away from the hospital.

Jorden was able to spend Wednesday evening  with Cole; the young man we met in March who has the same illness as Jorden. Cole had his surgery last year and is 11 years old. He and Jorden enjoy spend time together and obviously understand what the other is experiencing and going through.

Thursday we spent some time at the Galleria Mall, where Jorden had his first Taco Bell meal in Houston. Afterwards, we headed back to the Ronald McDonald House where we had dinner and just relaxed.

Friday Jorden lent a hand to the community organization that sponsored lunch at the Ronald McDonald House. He enjoyed both cooking and serving with the volunteers, and after enjoyed a great lunch. We then spent a few hours at the Museum of Science.

On Saturday and Sunday we spent the days at Minute Maid Park where we watched the Astros play the Indians. Jorden was invited to attend the game by Johnny Damon. While Joanne and I watched as Jorden and Mr. Damon interacted, we took a moment to reflect. Mr. Damon was the first athlete to visit Jorden when he was first diagnosed and now full circle Mr. Damon is the first athlete to see Jorden cancer free. Jorden’s face lit up then and lit up again when Mr. Damon invited him to stand with him for Saturday’s batting practice.

Thank you Mr. Damon for  spending time with Jorden , providing such great seats and allowing our family to have such a wonderful weekend. Thank you Daniel (Dan-O) Kirby and Mr. Roger for also assisting in making this happen for Jorden. Jorden was also able to see and spend some time with  Javier Bracamonte, bullpen catcher of the Astros, who also visited Jorden at Arnold Palmer in Orlando.

Tomorrow (Monday), we have several medical appointments and will spend the next few days getting ready both physically and mentally for the next phase of Jorden’s Journey – radiation and chemo.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support, love and prayers. We love and miss you all.

We will also be updating the photo tab in the next couple of days.

Posted by Joanne & Nelson