Jorden was released from MD Anderson late Saturday afternoon and we are now back at our home away from home the Ronald McDonald House. Jorden was a little apprehensive at first to leave the hospital but once he was back in the room he felt more comfortable. We enjoyed our first evening having dinner and planning what Jorden would like to do prior to starting radiation and chemo. The first thing Jorden wanted to do was go to the movies.

So Sunday father’s day we woke up and headed straight to the movie theater where we saw Madagascar 3 & MIB 3 while we waited for aunt Shirley and uncle Hassan to arrive from Orlando. Once they arrived we went out to dinner and afterwards Jorden gave them a tour of the Ronald McDonald House. It was such a great feeling and blessing to see Jorden so happy and full of energy. It made for a great father’s day.

Monday was a busy day too. Shirley and Hassan picked us up and joined us for our appointments at MD Anderson. During our meeting, we learned that the oncology team is pleased with Jorden’s progress, and we discussed in more detail Jorden’s cancer and the pathology report. They explained that Jorden has a very aggressive cancer and during surgery, they removed active tumors. When we asked for clarification they stated that sometimes after chemo the tumors are no longer active; in Jorden’s case, there were active tumors. He declared Jorden  99% cancer free. The 1% are the small cells of cancer that Dr. Hayes-Jordan can’t see with the naked eye, and which they plan to eliminate during the upcoming chemo & radiation treatments. After our meeting, they postponed the staple removal until Wednesday.

We then met with the radiologists. She reviewed the What’s and Why’s of radiation, and will do the CT and mapping with Jorden tomorrow (Tuesday). Chemo and radiation will start Wednesday June 27th, Jorden will undergo 20 sessions.

We ended our day with a trip to the zoo, and a fun dinner with Shirley and Hassan. Jorden is in great spirits and is doing very well.

Thank you to all those who have sent cards, balloons and well wishes to Jorden here in Houston to lift his spirit. It has made a big difference and reminds Jorden that he is loved and not forgotten.

Posted by Joanne & Nelson