Jorden has felt better and better each day. He is now completely off the IV pain meds, and has a patch to control pain.

He is eating better each day too – yesterday he took in 1500 calories and continues the feeding tube feeds at night. The feeds ensure proper nutrition so that his body can heal well. His platelets continue to run very high, but this is normal for a spleen removal. He will take an aspirin each day until the counts get under control.

Tomorrow we check out from the hospital and return to the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you Holly and Dr. Frances, you were both instrumental in Jorden’s care and comfort while at MD Anderson.

Monday is our next big day. We meet with Dr. Anderson his Houston oncologist who will examine Jorden post op. He will also review the pathology report with us. We will be praying for no surprises. With seven lymph nodes positive, we will discuss this impact, if any, as well as the complete report. Monday we will also meet with the radiologists to plan and map out his radiation treatment. They have prepared us that the radiation will be rough on him – so we are bracing ourselves for the this next step pf his journey.

And Monday is also the day Jorden gets his 36 staples removed,

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Hassan fly in on Sunday for a few days, we know that Jorden will be happy to see them and have them by his side for his big day on Monday.

We are excited to have a week or two before radiation starts. Jorden keeps asking when the procedures and pain will stop. We are hoping to have this time for him to enjoy life, just “daily life” that we all used to take for granted.  The first thing he wants to do this weekend is go to the movies.

As you can imagine the past couple of weeks have been really rough and extremely stressful, regardless, we have made it through, it’s all behind us and our faith continues to be strong.    A big thank you to our family who came out to Texas to support Jorden during this part of his journey.  We miss you all!