Jorden continues to show improvement each day.

His bandages are changed each day, he had his final tube removed, and continues to tolerate the food from the feeding tube each evening.

He remains on pain medicines but is having better managed days regarding his pain. He was able to sleep 7 hours straight last night.

Jorden also received 3 immunizations – which is protocol for having your spleen removed, and has started his daily antibiotic – which he will need to take each day until he turns 18.

He is averaging about 500 – 600 calories a day which is good for someone having this surgery.

Yesterday we met with the radiologists. She explained that his organs, incision area and skin would need to be completed healed before we would be able to start. They said the radiation causes inflammation and she does not want to compound anything. She also wants him comfortable with both eating and his nightly tube feeds so that he has the proper nutrition to endure this next phase. She said it will take a toll on him.

Jorden will undergo both radiation and chemo for 4 weeks.

Once that is completed we return to Orlando where he will have a 3 week period to recuperate before once again starting chemo at Arnold Palmer.

Jorden’s spirits are high, his sense of humor is back and is enjoying his days playing his Playstation, watching movies and goofing around with the nurses.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support, thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Joanne & Nelson