Today was a very good day.

Jorden’s pain doctor has agreed to keep him on the morphine via IV only, and has added a patch pain reliever. The blisters and incision are also healing as expected and he felt well enough to get up and walk again. The result – A pain-free day!

Today at 8am they stopped the feeding tube so he can start feeling hungry and hopefully eat. The feeding tube will now run from 8pm – 8am only. Jorden however did not feel like eating, and only had a few sips of water.

The hemotologist met with us. One clotting disorder came back “elevated” (positive) but he is now clotting and they are not concerned. They would like us to follow-up with our doctor once we return to Orlando.

Joanne asked Jorden today “what it felt like to be cancer free”. Jorden said “that he doesn’t feel any difference”. She re-assured him that once he was fully recovered he will feel better (normal) and he agreed. She also asked what normal thing does he want to do first. He said play baseball with his friends.

Posted by: Nelson