Jorden continues to improve but he also continues to experience pain.

We have been working with the pain management team & surgeon to resolve his pain, we are still in the “trial & error” stage.

This pain management team wants Jorden’s primary med to go into his stomach via feeding tube.  Except for 2 ounces of a smoothie and 2 teaspoons of ice cream, Jorden is still not eating and the pain of the medicine in his stomach is overwhelming. After 5 dosage attempts and many discussions trying to resolve this issue, we will no longer allow him to experience such pain. Tonight he will receive all pain meds through his IV, this method works well for Jorden. We will meet again with the pain management team in the morning.

On a very positive note, Jorden is able to get out of bed, stand, and today walked 2 times around the nursing station. The physical therapist has stated that he is very self motivated young man, and is proud of his progress.

We are still waiting on one test to one back regarding his clotting disorder, so no update there.

Yesterday the blisters on Jorden’s stomach had to be cut and cleaned out;. The soars are now being treated as burns.

Thank you for all of your prayers, supportive calls and motivational texts. We continue to be by Jorden’s side and support him through this difficult part of the journey. We are amazed each day by his strength and are in awe of his courage.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson