By Jorden’s Journey, I believe you see that we find the positive each day, however these past two days have been overwhelmingly hard.

Jorden had a very rough experience having his bandages changed and more drains removed. He has burns & blisters on his skin, and removing adhesive is not fun.

His feeding tube was also activated which started to give him pain but despite it all he was excited because he was allowed a sip of Sprite.

At 1:00pm Jorden’s port was disconnected, the port and tubing needs be changed weekly. With the port disconnected he can not receive pain medicine. At 4:30pm we were still waiting for the team to access his port. At this point he was in terrible pain.

One of the floor doctors tried to fill in, unfortunately his numbing cream which wears off after 4 hours had worn off, and they needed a few attempts to access the port.

These hurdles continue to push Jorden – today almost broke him.

At one point Nelson said “Jorden even when you feel that you have nothing left, you have to Dig Deep” – Jorden’s reply was “I have lost my shovel and I have no hands to dig any deeper”

These past two days have been truly horrible.

To watch them try to peel tapes and adhesives from his blistering body was overwhelming.

To hear him scream today in excruciating pain – once the pain meds wore off and the port ordeal, he truly needs a good day tomorrow.

Jorden yelled at one point that he wanted to go back to Arnold Palmer where they know how to access a port, and wants to go back home and just play baseball with his friends. He also cried today because his brother and Alondra said goodbye to fly back home.

We have been blessed through this journey and we understood that there would be days like this, but words can not describe the feeling when your child is looking right into your eyes asking for help and you just feel helpless.

As we have through this entire journey so far. We will wake up tomorrow and take on the days challenges and will draw strength from each other and our faith that each day gets us closer to full recovery and back home “Baseball Ready”

Phoebe our nurse today and Dr. Francis – thank you for your kindness and help.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson