We sit with Jorden in ICU, His eyes closed, his body recovering and for the first time since Dec 21st, we can say he is CANCER FREE!!

Jorden had a total of 279 tumors removed, 200+ were by his spleen, pancreas and diaphragm, He did lose his spleen, a piece of his pancreas, and a piece of his diaphragm. Jorden is off the breathing tube and machine but is in a lot of pain.

As happy as we are about his surgery, we do have one new concern. His body did not make a certain protein which is needed to effectively clot. He had to receive plasma to help his body, and he continues to receive plasma now.

The hemotologist believes that this may be due to the tumors in his liver – but we will know more tomorrow. She also hopes it will be a temporary problem.

Regardless – Jorden is CANCER FREE

Thank you God for answering all of our prayers. Thank you Dr. Hayes-Jordan for returning a healthy son back to us, thank you to all that have prayed for him/us each day. He is our and gods miracle, we have been truly blessed.

Please inform all of the children that all their thoughts and prayers are being answered and Jorden is on the road to recovery.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson