Yesterday we met with 3 doctors from Jorden’s Houston medical team.

We first met with Dr. Curley who is a liver specialist. He will be in the operating room to assist Dr. Hayes-Jordan if she needs help extracting the tumor on the liver. Jorden’s liver is clear! There is one however on the surface which needs to be removed.

We then met with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Hayes-Jordan. They were thrilled with the continued tumor shrinkage. We then reviewed the surgery plan. Before we met with them, they had discussed the need for a colostomy – which they determined is not needed.

They did inform us that they will need to remove his spleen. There are a cluster of tumors in his spleen which can not be extracted.

Jorden was very upset about losing his spleen and the knowledge that he will have to now take a pill each day to prevent infection, but has now accepted it.

Yesterday was an emotional day – but we are thrilled that his liver is clear, tumors continued to shrink, the doctors are thrilled by all the progress and how healthy Jorden looks and if he has to lose an organ. The spleen is a good one to have to give up. Praise God

Today will consist of another set of consultations and scans.

Posted by: Joanne & Nelson