Jorden completed his final round of chemo on Wednesday May 9th and once again, knocked out the final round like a champ. It was a very emotional and satisfying time, when the nurse came in to remove the final empty bag of chemo. Thank you to all of the members of the Arnold Palmer Oncology team  You were amazing with your attention and concern, and took wonderful care of Jorden.  We miss you already and look forward to seeing you all when we return in August.

The first leg of this triathlon is finally complete!!

On Dec 21st 2011 we started a journey that seemed unreal and not ours.  Today, five months later, we have made this journey our own, and we embraced each obstacle, each moments of joy and laughter, and each triumph. Jorden has completed 10 rounds of chemo in 20 weeks. He has done so with a positive outlook, great determination and focus, and with only one goal in mind – to beat this disease.

Jorden had been home for two weeks and has been both relaxing and preparing for the next leg of his journey “the surgery”!

While home some exciting things have happened;

First, Jorden completed all of his work and class requirements to pass the 4th grade. So starting in August, Jorden will be in the 5th grade. Staying with his friends and classmates was a huge concern for Jorden – thank you Ms. Suriano, and the team at Windy Ridge who worked with Jorden to make this moment happen. Jorden celebrated completing his last “school day” with a trip to Froyo’s with Ms. Suriano and friends.

Secondly Jorden was invited to the Tampa Bay Rays game on May 17th as a special guest of Carlos Pena. Mr. Pena went all out to ensure that Jorden had a great and memorable experience. Thank you Mr.Pena, and all of the players from both the Rays and Red Sox who took time from their warm ups to talk with Jorden. Also we would like to thank Mr. Vaughn for making this happen for Jorden.

And lastly Jorden had a fabulous send off. Family and friends came over for a pot luck on Saturday to wish Jorden strength and luck as he embarks on the next phase of his journey. Seeing Jorden playing football, baseball, and manhunt with all his friends was such a great thing. Jorden was back to fully being a kid again.  Thank you everyone for coming by and wishing him well.

We flew into Houston yesterday and today was the first day of a week full of  scans, tests, and consultations with the medical teams.

We want to say; thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, and support during this time. We can truly say that we couldn’t have gotten this far without it.  Please continue to pray for Jorden as we get closer to his surgery date of May 31st.

During our time in Houston, our home away from home will be the Ronald McDonald House and thank you Michele for taking care of our home back in Orlando.

Baseball Ready!!! Surgery Ready!!!

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Posted by: Joanne & Nelson