As I ended our last post Jorden was invited to the Dr. Phillips High School baseball game. When he woke up that friday morning we met with Coach Al Osuna for a 45-minute throwing session at the Dr. Phillips Little League fields. This was actually a great confidence builder in preparing Jorden to throw out the first pitch. Thank you coach Al for your time.

Later that day Keyshawn and Sean walked to our house from school to spend time with Jorden and accompanied him to the HS baseball game. Jorden at first was invited to home plate where Coach Bradley presented him with a check from the Little League Day fundrasing event. Thank you everyone who attend that day’s event. He then made the walk to the pitching mound. He first stopped at the base of the pitching mound, turned towards home plate but then continued up to the pitching rubber.  He made a strong throw to the catcher and was cheered by all.                                       Congratulations to District Regional Champs DR. Phillips High School Panthers!

Also during his time at home Jorden was able to catch a few of his team’s Little League baseball games and had fun working the concession stand (thank you Miss Rita and Miss Amy). Enjoyed time with family and friends and also had a great visit from his brother and Alondra, who he loves so very much.

Despite low blood counts, some days with headaches and needing a transfusion. Jorden has had a great week. Jorden returned to the hospital yesterday for round 10 of chemo; which will be his last round of chemo (for now) before heading to Houston.

Jorden is so strong, and has been such a trooper. Thursday night he said that he has had so many experiences because of his cancer, and is thankful for all of them. He knows what he has isn’t fun, he can’t do all that he wants to do – but he continues to find the positive in each day, and we do the same. We know that we are fortunate and truly blessed.

Thank you all for all your continued thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Nelson