Jorden completed round 8 once again like a champ, with no pain and or side effects. He continues to have a hearty appetite and is actually gaining weight through this whole process.

Jorden is excited to be home. This wasn’t the best time to be in a hospital, over Easter but we made the best of things and enjoyed our day, with a small Easter egg hunt in his room and visits from the grandparents. Jorden even made Easter goodie bags for his nurses that cared for him that weekend.

While in the hospital a little league day at Dr. Phillips High School took place. Thank you Chad Wood; we appreciate all that you are doing for Jorden and our family.

As you know we have 2 more rounds of chemo, and then head off  to Houston. We are starting to plan for that, as well as our extended families, so that we can continue to support Jorden in Texas.

Upcoming events for Jorden are school sessions with Mrs Suriano, hospital tests and blood work on Monday, and a return to the hospital on Friday April 20th for round 9.

God continues to hold Jorden close to him and is listening to all of the prayers. The power of prayer is amazing, thank you for all your continued support and  prayers.

Posted by Nelson