This week we went to Houston’s MD Anderson to meet with the medical team there.

Thank you Ms. Suriano and Windy Ridge school for an amazing “send off”. We loved the cheers, the band and smiling faces as we headed off on our Journey. A big thank you to Gayle who continues to sell Team Jorden t-shirts on our behalf. Thank you to all the students, teachers and parents who continue to support us every day. Thank you to all of Jorden’s friends and family that called and visited to wish him good luck on his tests.

We flew into Houston late Monday evening and stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, what a wonderful place.  On Tuesday March 20th Jorden had a long day of scans and tests. While Jorden and I were in prep for one test, Joanne met the mom of a boy who has the same type of cancer as Jorden and has had the same type of surgery that Jorden will have. It was so nice to meet someone like “us”.  And the great thing about Cole is that he had his surgery last year, and is doing fantastically well, he is back in school and playing both soccer and baseball. Jorden was able to hear about his journey, ask questions and spend time with him playing video games, billiards, Ms. Pac-Man and eating dinner together. We look forward to staying in touch and building on our new friendship. “I believe this is another angel sent from God to help Jorden through this journey”.

On Wed March 21st we were welcomed by a very upbeat and positive MD Anderson medical team. Dr. Anderson was all smiles as he discussed Jorden’s scan and current state. We were also able to spend some time with Dr. Hayes-Jordan as we discussed surgery dates and next steps.

Jorden’s tumors continue to decrease. He is responding so well to the chemo that Dr. Anderson recommends 5 more treatments over the next 10 weeks. The plan is to reduce the tumors even further to make for a safer and easier surgery in June. So we will be starting chemo week 7 this Friday March 23rd with his last round of chemo week 11 starting Friday May 18th. Surgery in Houston will be on June 7th.

Also during the time from now until June 7th Jorden needs to get “SURGERY READY”. He needs to walk, throw & catch, and safely exercise to get in condition for the surgery. We are so happy, so grateful, so thankful, so blessed by God and in such awe of our son Jorden who amazes us with his strength and faith each day.

Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers.

Posted by Nelson