Jorden completed round six of chemo which was a five-day treatment this past Sunday like a champ, no issues, no pain and in very good spirits. God is GREAT and the POWER of prayer is amazing.

We celebrated this major accomplishment with a congratulations cake, cookies and visits from many of his friends and school mates. It was a very great feeling and emotional for both Joanne and I to see him surrounded by his friends all laughing, smiling and playing in the family room at the hospital. We are so truly blessed.

Jorden’s blood counts were good and an MRI that was taken Monday evening all came back negative for blood clots and was released Tuesday afternoon. Praise God.

He was invited to the Magic/Heat game Tuesday night; he attended his little league game last night and enjoyed dinner with friends this evening. It is nice to be in a normal routine, enjoying time with our family and friends who we love so much.

Jorden was asked to complete six rounds of chemo in a 12 week timeframe. This was a very aggressive chemo plan to address a very aggressive illness. All rounds were completed on schedule with no delays, which the nurses informed us was amazing.

The February PET scans showed great results, and the doctors said this week that “it’s harder and harder each week to feel the tumors in his abdomen”. So, we are now ready for Houston. There Jorden will have additional scans and we will meet once again with Dr. Anderson and his team. We are hoping that they approve him for surgery, and that we can continue in this positive direction in Jorden’s treatment.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. We could not have gotten this far without them. We are so blessed to have Jorden’s health, your support, love and friendship. Most of all I thank God for taking care of my son, giving him strength, and continuing to heal him.

Posted by Nelson