As Jorden sleeps after completing day two of his five-day treatment, I reflect on this incredible journey – and think back to where we were on Dec 21st, and where we are today. We have been so blessed and so fortunate that Jordens health improves each day. I am nervous, yet excited and hopeful regarding our upcoming trip to Houston this month.

As I reflect on how blessed Jorden and our family have been, I am humbled and I know that I have so many people to thank for their kindness, love and support. Todays post is dedicated to all those who worked so hard on all the “Playing With A Purpose” fundraising events. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all that you have done and continue to do for our family. You all have allowed me to focus my entire time and energy on Jorden.

When Diane Petit called me in the first few days of Jordens illness and asked if she could put an event together to help us and Jorden, my first thought was “no” we will be okay and can manage on our own. While on the phone I listened to Diane’s words and said “yes” – thinking that an event for Jorden could boost his spirits and reassure him that he is loved and not forgotten.

I am so glad that I said Yes. In doing so, I could never have imagined how things just took off from there and how through Diane’s vision, direction and leadership a community would work so hard on our behalf. Thank you Diane & John Petit, the Crumps, the Mills, the O’tooles, the Bambeis, the Henselins, the Finns, Susan Barrett, Carol Gay, Christel Furry, Bob Chuhak, Jose Esteban, FTB Baseball, Al Osuna, Bill Reynes, Amy Figeroas, Shirley Aponte, Keith Kocarek and everyone who donated time, food, auction items and participated in all the days events. You all have been so wonderful. May God Bless you and your families for all of your hard work and loving support.

The Friday after the “Playing With A Purpose” game and silent auction, Shirley, Michael and Keith led efforts for a second event; a casino night and silent auction. Thank you to Shirley Aponte, Pam Follet, the Kocareks, the Finns, the Torch Relay team, Marriott Vacation Club, Marriott World Center and all those who attended, donated and provided support.

I would also like to thank all those from Windy Ridge, Cypress Landing, Gator’s Dockside, and the Wolves 9U travel ball team. You have all been so amazing with your love and kindness to Jorden and our family.

Our family has been so blessed; Jorden is doing very well! We have a long road ahead – but you have all made our lives easier, our worries less, and our hearts Big.
Thank you!

Posted by Joanne

Here’s are some photos from Dr. Phillips Little League’s first Playing With A Purpose fundraising event (Feb. 10th-12th):