Jorden completed round 5 of  6 early Monday morning. He continues to do well with the treatments and is looking forward to completing round 6 on March 13th. During this week’s chemo Jorden had a few surprises. The first is that his body is reacting to the chemo port. So what is happening is that his body views the port as a clot or “vascular road block,” and what it is doing to compensate is creating new veins to bypass the port. As innocent and interesting as this sounds, it was a bit of a stressful week undergoing various tests and x-rays to ensure that there were no blood clots for real. With Jorden’s new “vascular highway,” he is also noticing some swelling and pain in his upper left chest and shoulder. They also did a few x-rays to ensure that his shoulder pain was innocent as well; thankfully and praise the Lord it was! Jorden is home now and is excited to spend time with his family and friends.

Since Jorden  wasn’t able to attend last Sunday’s opening ceremonies and silent auction, he is really looking forward to attending tomorrow’s “Playing With A Purpose” fundraiser event hosted by The Torch Relay at the Marriott World Center. Jorden told both Joanne and me “this event is inside, so I am not going to miss it.”  Again a display of his determination.

Thank you everyone for all your continued support and prayers; Joanne, Jorden and I truly know that they are making a difference.  Special thanks to the Dr. Phillips Little League community, The Torch  Relay and Marriott Vacation Club who have taken the lead on these events. We hope to see you there!

In Loving Memory of Jorden’s Grandpa, John Manicone 6/28/34 – 2/16/12

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Posted by Nelson