Jorden has completed his fourth round of chemo like a CHAMP and was released from the hospital Thursday evening. Jorden was very excited to go home again especially because he wanted to attend the Dr. Phillips Little League opening ceremonies which was scheduled for Friday night. However due to weather concerns in Florida the ceremonies were cancelled. Jorden was disappointed and sad but when his friend Johnny came by to visit he was very happy, when Johnny gave Jorden  his AAA Boston Red Socks uniform Jorden was on cloud nine (thank you Coach Chris for still drafting Jorden on the team). Johnny also shared with Jorden that the team would be playing their first game Saturday afternoon. Once Jorden heard that he was even more determined to be at the ballpark. Jorden spent saturday morning with aunt Shirley and uncle Hassan, going to breakfast, spending time at their house watching movies and listening to music. When Jorden returned home he received his daily shot, dressed in his uniform shirt and ball cap to support his team.  He was so excited to walk onto the fields to see all his friends and coaches. It was  not only a great feeling seeing Jorden back on the field but also all the smiles and excitement the kids, parents and coaches had seeing him there. Thank you  to all of you for making it such a special afternoon. Jorden has spent the rest of the weekend at home relaxing, playing with friends (Thank you Blake, Brandon, Cooper, Cassidy for coming over) and watching movies.

Considering what Jorden is going through; his spirit to WIN and strive to become BASEBALL READY is what drives him.  The love and support we are receiving from everyone, your prayers, visits and Our Faith in God, are all making a positive difference.

Jorden is scheduled to start chemo round five this Thursday, with round six to follow before heading back to Houston TX in March for further evaluation.

God Bless You All.

Posted by Nelson