3rd Round of Chemo Friday Jan 27th – Sunday Jan 29th

Jorden completed the third round of chemo like a CHAMP with no pain and no major side effects! During the three-day session, Jorden was able to open tons of birthday cards, enjoy his birthday cookie cake, eat full meals, and be engaged with all those that came to visit him. I truly believe this round was a success because of all the love, support, positive messages, prayers, and most of all our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The power of prayer is amazing! He’s listening, so please keep the prayers coming.

Our trip to Houston not only gave us a plan, but also gave Jorden a boost of confidence that the chemo is working and that he can be away from the hospital without getting sick. The last three times we were sent home, the stays lasted less than 24 hours, which made Jorden feel that the hospital was the best place to be rather than going home and getting sick. However, this time when the chemo was over he said “Dad, I think I can go home this time.”

Jorden was released from the hospital Thurs Feb 2nd!!

When we arrived to the house, Jorden was so excited to be home. We asked what he wanted for dinner and he asked for a Bacon Cheeseburger from Gator’s. The family all sat down at the dinner table together for the first time since this Journey began back on Dec. 21st. After dinner he started to open and play with some of the gifts that he had not been able to. Watching my son smile, hearing him laugh, and seeing him run around brought a tear of joy to my eye; my son was finally able to be a kid again. We all slept in the same room, Jorden slept peacefully and throughout the night with no issues. Friday morning he woke up feeling great and full of energy, Praise GOD! All day Friday Jorden was in good spirits, and he had a few visitors. Saturday morning, he and Aunt Shirley went out for breakfast and spent the rest of the day relaxing, opening birthday cards, and enjoying being home. Sunday Jorden had another great day, starting with spending time with Coach Chris creating the teams for the Playing With A Purpose event. He was feeling so good that he wanted to go to baseball practice with Coach Chris — of course we didn’t let him, but you gotta love his will, strength, and passion for the game he loves and misses so much. He spent the rest of the day at the house watching movies with friends, cooking dinner with grandma, baking cakes, and watching the Super Bowl.  What a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Jorden is scheduled for his next round of chemo this coming Thursday, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

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Posted by Nelson