Jorden woke up on his birthday pretty sad about his condition, but all the cards he received cheered him right up!  He received fun cards from all over the US, including Hawaii!  He even got cards from the UK and Puerto Rico.  The Apontes are all touched at the many organizations (schools, churches, little leagues, companies, etc.) that sent in piles of cards.  One teacher in New Jersey overnighted 100 cards to make sure they arrived on Jorden’s birthday!  A giant thank you to the kids big and small, the professional athletes, the students, the teachers, the parents, the grandparents, and every kind-hearted person (and pet!) who sent a card to Jorden.  You all really brightened his day more than he can say!  (Oh, and a special thank you for those of you who sent glitter and confetti!  You guys aren’t so popular with the nurses, though!  :))

As for an update on how Jorden is weathering this round of chemo, he’s done pretty well with it.  Today was a rough day, but he’s hanging in there.  He’s still opening birthday cards and they’re a nice distraction.

PS – Be on the lookout for an article on Jorden’s Journey in the Orlando Sentinel.  They interviewed the Apontes and took pictures today when Carlos Peña from the Rays happened to be visiting Jorden!

PPS – Thank you so much to everyone who went to Gator’s on Jorden’s birthday.  What an overwhelming show of love and support!  Thank you, Gator’s Dockside!

Posted by Heather