The Apontes’ trip to Houston went very smoothly, thanks to many super friendly and helpful people.  A special thank you to Brenda from AAA’s national office for making the flight arrangements that got the Apontes onto the plane and through both airports with ease.

Jorden enjoyed the hotel’s room service as soon as they checked in, and he loved the big bed and big plasma TV!  It was a nice break from his hospital room.

Most importantly, the Apontes had a great meeting with Dr. Anderson and Dr. Hayes-Jordan.  The plan is for Jorden to complete his remaining four chemo treatments at Arnold Palmer Hospital, return to Houston for another scan and consultation in March, and then undergo surgery in Houston in April.  The Apontes are returning to Orlando this morning with confidence in the treatment plan, an appreciation for the experts caring for Jorden, and gratitude for every prayer they’ve received and every act of kindness shown to them!

Here’s a great photo of Jorden and Nelson on the plane:

Friday Birthday Celebration at Gator’s Dockside
This Friday night from 5pm to 10pm, in honor of Jorden’s 10th birthday, Gator’s Dockside on Dr. Phillips Blvd. is donating 20% of every check directly to the Apontes!  Come on out and show your support!

Posted by Heather