Jorden has finished his second round of chemo and is expected to be released tomorrow.  Thank heavens, this round was much easier on him than the first.  This treatment involved different medicine, and while Jorden has been tired and in a little pain, he’s been able to eat and has not been sick.  In fact, while I was there this afternoon, he had a hankering for Chinese food and his dad happily fetched it for him!  🙂

Jorden’s hair is really starting to fall out so he decided this morning that he’s ready to shave his head.  Since I’m a hair styling professional (just look at what I’ve done with Coach Chris’ hair), I dashed over with my clippers to do the deed.  It’s going to take Jorden some getting used to, but he looks great.  I think you can really see his pretty eyes now.  Here’s a photo during the hair cut that shows Jorden’s great attitude:

A giant thank you goes out to you all for every gift, every encouraging comment, and every prayer!

Posted by Heather