I had a nice visit with Jorden at Arnold Palmer today.  He was sitting up, watching a movie, snuggled under a baseball blanket, and in good spirits.  He was even able to crack a few smiles and poke fun at Joanne.  I brought him some Chick-fil-A nuggets for lunch, which he was able to eat as well as a slice of pizza that another family friend had brought in.  Joanne was trying to get him to eat as much as he could handle before Tuesday.  He is still requiring pain medicine for his abdominal pain, but he was tolerating it very well.  I was pleased to see him looking so well.

Jorden is such a strong person and seemed ready to start his second round of chemo tomorrow, which involves five days of continuous chemo followed by 2-3 days of observation after it’s done.  Please remember that Jorden’s immune system will be compromised so they ask you be conscious of that if you decide to visit.  I know your continued prayers and support will help Jorden, Joanne, and Nelson get through this week and beyond.  Just another step closer to being “Baseball Ready!”

Posted by Lisa Crump